About Us

Historian is a vintage-inspired rock band with a powerful repertoire of blues, fuzz, and history at their disposal. The Dutch four-piece use their curated gear and the sound of dad’s vinyl collection to carry the past all the way to the present. The swinging rhythm section, characteristic Hammond organ and compelling guitars create a dynamic soundscape that effortlessly makes crowds move. The golden brown colors and vintage clothing put the cherry on top, creating a window back in time – but with a modern kick! Songs about heartache, femme fatales, and mythology are the cornerstones of the Historian universe. These stories are carried by the band’s distinctive sound that takes inspiration from acts like Jack White, Led Zeppelin, and DeWolff.

Dive into history and experience Historian’s love letters to the past! Let the band’s captivating energy blow the dust off of your vintage spirit. Historian makes sure to teach you that rock music still has much to offer on this day and in the future.

Historian is:

Joris Boerma (vocals, guitar)

Lissie Van De Laar (keys, vocals)

Niek de Vries (drums)

Ravi Pakker (bass)


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